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Welcome to Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria Website

You are welcome to Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN) website. CRIN is a National Institute with research mandate on Cocoa, Kola, Coffee, cashew and Tea. the Institute has six (6) substations located in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria where  these crops are cultivated in abundance. Over the years, the Institute has recorded major breakthroughs in research work that enhanced the production and utilization of products and by-products of the mandate crops. Some of the research breakthroughs are available in this website. The list of researchers who are available for collaboration and their publications are listed in the website.

Please, enjoy your self as you browse this website for information that you will find useful in your research.

For further information, please, contact the Acting Executive Director. 

 In-house Seminar Presentation by Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria Scientists

 Soil Fertility Assessment of some Cocoa Plantations in Five local Government Areas of Cross River State, Nigeria
Ibiremo, O. S., Iloyanomon, C.I1.,Oloyede, A.A.2  and  Lawal,  J.O.
1Soils and Plant Nutrition section, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan, Nigeria.
2Agronomy section, Cocoa Research Institute ofNigeria, Ibadan, Nigeria
3Economic and statistic section, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Ibadan, Nigeria

Ten cocoa farms with declining productivity in five Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Cross River State were selected for rehabilitation activities. Read more

Effects Of Nematode Management Options In The Rehabilitation Of Moribund Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao L.) Farms In South Western Nigeria
Okeniyi, Michael O.

Losses due to nematodes are often difficult to assess, since small reduction in yield may pass unnoticed. Yields are commonly reduced by up to 30% per year.  Read More