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CRIN has developed:

  • 64 varieties of coffea Arabica in Germplasm  for genetic improvement
  • A socioeconomically acceptable method of rehabilitating
    old coffee plantations with overgrown trees through
    coppicing at 30cm above ground level to rejuvinate old plants
  • Management techniques of plant geometry by de-capping to a 
    height of 1.5m to facilitate harvesting
  • The use of half node stem cutting for propagating robusta coffee
  • Open rooted method of propagating  and transporting stem cuttings of
    robusta coffee
  • A method of  termite control on coffee by spraying the waste water from
    cassava processed for '' fufu'' production
  • Organic manure made from chromolaena odoratum (siam weed), cow dung,
    grasses and maize stovers as effective inorganic fertilizers